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Earlier this spring, reports started coming in from some nearby friends that their internet access prices had been jacked way up.

These have a relatively strong 13dbi internal antenna and a power output of 500 milliwatts – apparently the highest legal power output in most countries including the US.It was a struggle, but feeling the eyes of the Mustachians on me, I could not give up.In the end, we prevailed, and learned a lot in the process.Step 3: Each homeowner found a way to string an Ethernet cable from his roof, through the attic and nicely into his office to be plugged into the existing wi-fi router on each side.Step 4: The access points arrived and were installed upon the rooftops, pointing exactly at each other through the 900 feet of clear air with occasional tree canopies.Step 5: Extensive fussing around with network settings on both sides ensued, due to the clunky user interfaces and loosely-translated-from-Chinese instruction manuals.

In the end, we succeeded in getting both houses to share the single internet connection.

In 2011, the fiber optic vote came back on the ballot, and Comcast funded disinformation campaign with the catchy name “Look before we Leap“.

Again, they pretended to be “a group of concerned citizens” despite the fact that their entire 0,000 budget came from the cable companies.

But even now, these technologies are designed with limited range.

They can nicely blanket a coffee shop, your house, and even your yard with internet access.

The next paragraphs describe an external antenna I added to the older access point to get greater range. This is too slow to watch Netflix movies or even You Tube, so we were disappointed. We tried returning one of the access points to Amazon, thinking it was defective, but the replacement was exactly the same.