Wow warrior intimidating shout

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She cups her hands around his face, as if willing the life back into him.

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He comes to Amestris seeking the Philosopher's Stone so his clan can triumph over the country's Succession Crisis.

THOR Written by Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz FADE IN: On the blackness of SPACE, beautiful and mysterious, strewn with a billion stars. PUENTE ANTIGUO, NEW MEXICO - NIGHT 1 A main street extends before us in this one-horse town, set amid endless flat, arid scrubland. JANE FOSTER (late 20's) pops her head through the roof. He starts to unwrap the foil, and she stops his hand with an excited grin.

Atop a building, a wrought-iron sign -- a HAMMER-WIELDING BLACKSMITH -- spins listlessly in the wind as a swirling breeze kicks up. A large SUV slowly moves down the street and heads out of town. She positions a MAGNETOMETER, so its monitor calibrates with the constellations above.

They exchange puzzled looks, as we move up through the last glowing remnants of the storm, and into: 13 EXT.

He stares at it determinedly, concentrating, trying to stop the strange event through the force of his sheer will. Finally, the occurrence subsides, his hand normal once more.

Over the desert -- MASSIVE CLOUDS OF RAINBOW LIGHT Churn in the sky.

DESERT - MOMENTS LATER 4 The roof panels still open, the SUV races towards the strange event, Jane, amazed by the sight, stands with half her body out the roof, taking video of the light storm before them. Jane offers a hand down to ERIK SELVIG (60) who emerges as well, rubbing his head. But last week it was a rolling rainbow ribbon-- SELVIG (GENTLY TEASING) "Racing "round Orion? Intern DARCY LEWIS (20) hands Jane a bottle of Champagne and a pair of gloves through the window. It seems to be out of synch temporally with the rest of the world, leaving a trail as it moves. FRIGGA For once, our son needs something we cannot provide. ODIN I've destroyed demons and monsters, devastated whole worlds, laid waste to mighty kingdoms, and still you worry for me? As Thor approaches, the horn shapes move, and then, from the shadows at the side, emerges LOKI, wearing his horned headpiece. They stand by a brazier at the foot of steps that lead up to the crowded throne room. A flustered Jane smooths her hair and sits back on her heels.

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