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Exempt the Facebook crawler from your HTTP redirect Use an HTTP 301 or 302 redirect to send people to the new URL when they visit the old URL.The crawler still needs to be able to access the old page, so exempt the crawler's user agent from the redirect and only send an HTTP redirect to non-Facebook crawler clients.

These fundamental values are features we believe are essential when undertaking any project.

Our approach, technology, and experience have made Punk Buster the top-tier anti-cheat solution in the video game industry.

Software change and configuration management is an accepted part of the application lifecycle and is well established in most organizations.

By creating or selecting a station (Gauged IDF) or selecting a location on the map (Ungauged IDF) the user will be able to carry out statistical analysis on historical data, as well as generate and verify possible future change based on a methodology using a combination of climate modeling outputs and locally observed weather data.

By accessing any of the options available in this tool you agree with the Terms of Use We also encourage you to check out the user manual and technical documentation available in the Help section.

This helps optimize performance and is useful for keeping paywalled content secure.

As of May 28th, 2014 you may also see a crawler with the following user agent string: is Facebook's web crawling robot that helps improve advertising performance. It attempts to access each web server no more than once every few seconds, in line with industry standards, and will respect your file only a few times a day, so any updates will get noted on its next crawl and not immediately.

You can label pages and objects to change how long Facebook's crawler will wait to check them for new content.

Use the You need to ensure that the resources referenced in URLs to be crawled can be retrieved by the crawler reasonably quickly, in no more than a few seconds.

New likes at either location will aggregate in both places.

This computerized web-based IDF tool integrates a user interface with a Geographic Information System (GIS).

The "pinnacle" of our handywork is our access to a wide variety of equipment to deliver the best products possible.

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