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William loves story time and you can see the excitement in his face whenever a book is pulled out. Such a fun surprise for them while their dad is away.They've already chosen several to 'claim' as theirs and have started reading.Thanks again - the service you provide to our Military and Family Members is very much appreciated.Many of the books we received will not only be fun and entertaining to read, but will also be helpful with homeschooling our children.Our family truly appreciates the time that each volunteer takes and the organization itself for this incredible service. Diana P for the generous donation of paperbacks, hard cover fiction book, textbooks, and paperbacks we have received recently.All the best - We just received our first shipment of books today and my girls could not be happier (I think I got a little more excited than them). Gabriella F and the family Sir / Ma'am, Just wanted to shoot you a thank you note.

This is truly a blessing since my kids love reading. We received a box of science-fiction books from the Heinlein society in cooperation with operation paperback up at Site K in Turkey and they will make a great addition to the small library we are building. Thank you as well for setting up this program and for your help so far.

We are planning on starting a little Free Library for our neighborhood and this will definitely be a valuable addition to it. Good evening, We just wanted to thank you for the support we have received from your organization. We received a shipment of books yesterday from Elise in Massachusetts. The comic books were amazing, both my son and husband were excited beyond belief. It gets a little boring up here especially during the winter (we are located on the top of a mountain) so these books will help to give the Soldiers a fun activity for their time off shift. We are starting to build a nice little library up here on the mountain.

Thank you sooo much, in behalf of the Chaquea girls. It helps so much for them to have a distraction, and I know better than many how wonderful an escape into a book can be! I had a goal of filling up a bookcase with a variety of healthy reading and we are all set! When I put that on our requests I never expected it, I was just hopeful. Just want you all to know that although we are not writing to the Dunstable, Massachusetts address, I am sending individual thank you notes to all the original senders of books to me here!

Thank you so very much for the generous amount of books given to our family. I was born with terrible asthma or I would be serving also. We are very appreciative of this gift and look forward to getting in some reading through this long period of deployment. That is my goal and now that I have them, I am able to start reading. I hope you have a wonderful day and God Bless you and your family.

Our 5 year old boy is thrilled with all the new books we get to read together. Hello, Over the last 2 weeks I have received 4 boxes of books from different volunteer shippers.

My husband is currently stationed overseas and is anxiously awaiting to return so we can read bed time stories as a family again! I am so incredibly grateful to have received these shipments.

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