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Cameras don’t see the color of one’s skin.”It’s legal to use a dash cam to document interactions with police during a traffic stop, but we recommend that you notify any members of law enforcement that they are being recorded, just as you should notify occupants of your car.“Everyone tends to conduct themselves better when they know they’re on camera,” Lieutenant Murgo says.

Your heart is pounding and you both stop, whereupon the other driver starts shouting that you swerved into his lane—when you know for a fact that you did no such thing. Anticipating the headache of filing a police report and arguing over the insurance claim, you think, “If only I had a video! Dash cams are small video cameras (priced from to more than 0) that can be mounted to your car’s dashboard or windshield to record what happens in front of the vehicle.

But, again, those who have a dash cam that records audio inside the car need to know whether their state requires them to inform passengers that they’re being recorded.

Urbanites who park their cars on the street are turning to dash cams for a measure of protection against robbery and vandalism.

Recording inside the car is another matter: Drivers with dash cams that have the ability to record audio inside the car need to know that in many states it’s illegal to record conversations without informing all parties first.

In other words, it’s up to the driver to notify all passengers that they’re being recorded.

Some pricier models that can record a 360-degree perspective, have an impact sensor, and are able to notify the owner if there is any impingement to the car are best suited to this task.

Once the gyro-enabled impact sensor is triggered, the camera creates a separate “incident” file that saves video from just prior to the impact and for an additional 1 to 5 minutes after—footage that could be essential to a police investigation if a car is broken into or struck while it’s parked.“Insurers always welcome additional information about how one of their policyholders incurred a loss.As such, insurers generally like when an individual produces dash-cam footage to assist with a claim,” said Michael Barry, a spokesman at the Insurance Information Institute, in a statement.Dash cams can also provide solid evidence that you’re not guilty.A few weeks after driving through Pennsylvania, reader Adam Osmond received a ticket in the mail for failing to pay a toll.Models that are hardwired to the vehicle’s battery or that have an internal battery can document any encounter even if the car is not running.

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