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LJMatchmaking, which started three years ago, costs $199 a year for women.Men pay nothing upfront, but are expected to pay for the first date.

Here’s what I threw out when I moved in with Geoffrey — and why I decided to part with them. He, on the other hand, had an entire entertainment system, with a flat-screen plasma TV and surround sound — and a way comfier couch, to boot.He presented every decision and left me to fill in the blanks: What should we do now? Even after I got him home, got him another drink, sat him on my couch and intertwined our legs, I still couldn't get him to make a move.Neither one of us knew how to navigate this new post-Weinstein world.Over the past few months, I've heard of companies in Hollywood instituting open-door policies, or sending female execs into meetings to chaperone powerful men when they meet with women. But Hollywood singles are facing a totally new era of dating.There are many political and business ramifications, but, honestly, I'm about to spend another Valentine's Day alone, so I'm just gonna focus on the dating ramifications. General meetings will never again bleed into late-night drinks. Enter matchmakers Jaydi Samuels and Lauren Rosenberg.When he segued to a football player who had been (very mildly) slandered in an article about campus sexual assault, I interjected: "Cry me a fucking river." The next day, I told my matchmakers it was a bad fit. The one time Josh had asked a question about me, I told him about the pilot I was writing and he deftly brought the conversation back to him by listing all the powerful people he knew who could help me.

If I offended him now, was there a chance he'd ask those powerful people to hurt my pilot? Of course, that didn't mean I threw out out every memento I owned — I found a beautiful box that fit under our bed and selected only what could fit in there (birthday cards from friends I’m no longer in touch with were recycled; middle-school journals made the cut). At any given point, I have about 13 lip glosses in my possession, only one of which I use regularly.Instead: Buy whimsical journals and cards, which are cute mementos that don't take up so much space. The same can be said about perfumes and body lotions.I learned about them the way I learn about everything — in a general meeting.When the female exec I was meeting with casually mentioned she had just started using a matchmaker, I casually mentioned that she had to fucking tell me all the details immediately.When they asked if I'd date a guy who was bald, I said: Fuck no. ) There are no guarantees on how many dates they get you — they just let you know when they find a good match (i.e., a hairy, regretful Republican). But the best part was that afterwards, I didn't hear from him. You can leave a staffing meeting thinking everyone loved/hated you, but your agent always gets the real story.

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