Ryan gosling is dating rachel mcadams

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Ryan gosling is dating rachel mcadams - terrace bc dating sites

The two, who have a 16 year age gap, dated in 2002 after starring in Murder By Numbers together.I can’t believe we let this one slip into the annals of Internet history – what a pair!

But so many other famous in love people flew under the radar. Oh, yeah – you forgot about that tainted love affair, didn’t you? Most of us know about Winona Ryder’s ill-fated relationship with Johnny Depp (the tattoo Winona Forever is etched into our brains for, well, ever), but a lot have forgotten about the love affair she hatched with a sparky young star in Hollywood – Matt Damon.

Justin had just gone solo and was killing it out of N*Sync, Cameron Diaz was one of the top-paid actresses and was absolutely killing it in her own right.

Together they were basically the coolest couple out and we’re not afraid to admit it.

While touring around London, the 'Stitches' singer, Shawn Mendes, paid the breakfast bunch a visit.

Jughead and Betty can't keep their hands off each other! News confirmed Riverdale co-stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are dating and, according to multiple eyewitnesses, "could not keep their hands off of one another" at a party during Comic-Con weekend in San Diego.

Fans had even romantically "shipped" Sprouse and Reinhart during 's first season, so fans should be pleased to know that all their "Bughead" fantasies are slowly coming true.

While this coupling may still take a few fans by surprise, as Hollywood history has already proven, sometimes the on-camera chemistry just spills over behind the scenes.

They're the "couple" (sort of) EVERYONE's been talking about, so Dave Berry, George and Lilah got to the bottom of it all.

And we were NOT expecting Shawn to say what he did?!

Elsa was loved up with the American actor for three years til 2009 and he even bought her a flippin’ English castle in Upstate New York. These two shacked up in 2002 but split two years later, citing their busy work commitments as behind the decision.

It does check out – at the time they were what the young kids call a ‘power couple’. Wilmer may have had a gazillion-year relationship with Demi Lovato, but before Lovato he was in love-ato (good one) with America’s Sweetheart Mandy Moore.

In 2001, after 11 years of marriage, they finalized their divorce.