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A few times every week, I’ll play World of Warcraft (s atvi) with some great friends.

You will end up producing a sound not unlike yelling into a flushing toilet bowl, albeit one with great acoustics.

Headsets with boom microphones are relatively inexpensive at around , so do your listeners a favor and buy one.

If you have an external headset, open up your System Preferences and choose Sound, then go to the Input tab.

What I love is since Skype lets you call toll-free numbers free of charge, you can easily take notes or browse the web while on a conference call without having to awkwardly shoulder your phone.

If you’re video chatting for work, still make sure you’re in business attire when working from home.

Face Time will then prompt you for the email address you want to be identified by.

Below is a cropped screenshot of the settings panel, but all it has is an On/Off switch and a display of what email addresses you’re using.Since it’s unlikely you’ll keep your headset plugged in all the time, when you unplug it, OS X will go back to the default setting of the built-in gear.Even so, it’s the perfect place to make sure OS X can detect and use your hardware.Apple provides an A/V communications program on every Mac called i Chat.It’s very easy to set up and use, but for video, the protocols it supports are limited.Google Video Chat (s goog) accounts, for instance, are rumored to not work well with i Chat video.

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