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Weed dating idaho - cocky and funny internet dating

The value of the index is up about 70 percent over the last three months, thanks to star performers such as Canopy Growth Corp, a producer and retailer of medical cannabis products - up 112 percent for the year - and Aphria Inc, a cannabis producer, up 132 percent this year.“The cannabis business is really about risk arbitrage.

The banks that work with cannabis-related firms are mostly community institutions in states where the industry is legalized, and their service is limited to accepting cash deposits.“It’s an industry that is starting from scratch with no infrastructure,” Hippeau said.“There are many promising cannabis-related software startups that are able to easily raise money.” Some of these startups provide seed-to-sale cannabis tracking system software and inventory management.Some investors have steered toward technology and support services, which carry less legal risk than cultivating or selling the weed itself.These include dating apps for cannabis users such as High There and My420Mate, as well as We Grow, an educational app that teaches people how to grow cannabis.There are chances of a higher return because the risk is high,” Patterson said. residents also seem increasingly aware of the futility in preventing illegal marijuana use, said Ian Laird, a lawyer and co-founder of New Leaf.

“Investors get that.” The long-term risk may be lower, however, as a growing number of Americans express support for marijuana legalization and the industry creates jobs and tax revenues. “The evolution or rollback of prohibition is inevitable,” he said.

A new commodity index even offers data on the going rates for greenhouse and field-grown weed.

Gertner still gets surprised reactions to his career change, as when his mother asked: “Can’t you just get another job at Google?

Investors who have taken the initial plunge into the quasi-legal marketplace seem eager to take on more exposure, said Jim Patterson, CEO of Eaze, a three-year old company has raised .5 million in five rounds from more than a dozen investors.

Such firms believe its “a good time to double down,” Patterson said.

(Reuters) - Two years ago, Alan Gertner was head of Google’s Asia-Pacific sales team in Singapore, handling more than 0 million in business.

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