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Sex dating in kimberly idaho

That mistake turned out to be the beginning of an unraveled life, contributing not only to the death of the child, 8-month-old Kaia Zautner, but also to Hiatt’s firing, a state nursing commission investigation — and Hiatt's suicide on April 3 at age 50.

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In reality, though, the doctors, nurses and other medical workers who commit errors are often traumatized as well, with reactions that range from anxiety and sleeping problems to doubt about their professional abilities — and thoughts of suicide, according to two recent studies.Reached by, Alana Zautner declined to comment publicly.It’s not clear whether Hiatt’s mistake actually caused the death of the child, who was critically ill. However, state lawyers said the child’s fragile condition and poor prognosis would have made it difficult to prove legally that the overdose caused her death five days later, records show.Scott, a registered nurse and patient safety director at the University of Missouri Health Care.That hospital is among a handful in the country to have established a formal support system to help providers cope with difficult patient outcomes or errors.The mistake “exacerbated cardiac dysfunction” in the baby and led to her decline, according to a statement by cardiologist Dr. Still, Hiatt was escorted from the hospital after the mistake, immediately put on administrative leave and then fired within weeks.

After the incident, Hiatt "was a wreck,” recalled Julie Stenger, 39, of Seattle, a critical care nurse who worked with Hiatt at the hospital. She was doing a good job of that herself.” Officials at Seattle Children’s Hospital declined to discuss specifics about Hiatt’s termination, although they said there is “more behind Kim’s case than can be made public” because of personnel and privacy policies.

Stunned, she told nearby staff at the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Seattle Children’s Hospital what had happened.

“It was in the line of, ‘Oh my God, I have given too much calcium,’” recalled a fellow nurse, Michelle Asplin, in a statement to state investigators.

“If my mom got an insulin overdose from a nurse in a hospital, I would want that nurse to give her that insulin tomorrow,” Scott said. There’s some question about whether other factors contributed to Hiatt's firing.

On the day of Hiatt’s error, she admitted the mistake in a report submitted on the hospital’s electronic feedback system — and vowed not to repeat it. “I’ve been giving Ca CI [calcium chloride] for years. Miscalculated in my head the correct mls according to the mg/ml. Hospital officials said that Hiatt should have recognized that the dose was far too large for such a small child, and that Hiatt violated other dosing protocols.

For registered nurse Kimberly Hiatt, the horror began last Sept.

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