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In that campaign, he gave a speech lifted from British Labor party candidate Neil Kinnock.

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Que le prix Nobel de la paix aux Grandes oreilles et aux bientôt 2 500 éliminations ciblées …

President Obama has explained that some of the characters in his autobiography, Dreams from My Father, were “composites” or “compressed,” which suggests that in some instances what he described did not exactly happen.

What are the consequences of lying about or exaggerating one’s past or stealing the written work of others? Punishment is calibrated by the stature of the perpetrator.

Pas moins de 38 contre-vérités dans une seule autobiographie ?

Brian Williams’s Truth Problem, and Ours The NBC anchor’s lies are symptomatic of a culture in which truth has become relativized.

Et accessoirement notoire disciple d’Alinsky et auteur des « meilleurs mémoires jamais publiés par un homme politique américain » …

Ait pu accumuler sans être jamais contesté (« pour éviter les longueurs » et « donner du sens à son parcours ») comme le révélait son biographe David Maraniss il y a trois ans …

If they serve progressive race, class, and gender issues, then why follow the quaint rules of evidence that were established by an ossified and reactionary establishment?

Feminist actress and screenwriter Lena Dunham in her memoir described her alleged rapist as a campus conservative named Barry.

Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online February 12, 2015 NBC Nightly News anchorman Brian Williams frequently fabricated a dramatic story that he was under enemy attack while reporting from Iraq.

NBC is now investigating whether Williams also embellished events in New Orleans during his reporting on Hurricane Katrina.

Pendant que de Moïse à Turing et de Solomon Northup à Martin Luther King, Hollywood réécrit sytématiquement l’histoire …

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    This is to ensure that the exhibits are better displayed, more information is available and the museum meets modern expectations for museum facilities; it should take about ten years to complete the work.