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This does not become apparent until one tries for oneself some of the techniques and approaches offered in this highly experiential new model of therapy.For example, what if there was an “undo” function for the mind and not just for a computer?

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ICT is derived from Yoga, Buddhist, and Hindu psychologies, existentialism, and phenomenological methods.

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Permanent Lecturer, Pepperdine Graduate School of Education & Psychology, Psychologist, Private Practice, Los Angeles CA. The provision of ethical and responsive treatment to clients of diverse cultural backgrounds is expected of all practicing health care providers.

Has technology replaced relationships and threatened empathic connections? Is anyone monogamous or is polyamory leading the way? Can living-apart-together (LAT) be a solution to incompatibility?

These and other timely, and perhaps touchy, questions will be explored in the service of understanding ourselves and our clients in a more honest fashion. am– pm Strategies for Treating Trauma: A Dissociative Model Colin Ross, MDAn internationally renowned clinician, researcher, and lecturer in the field of traumatic stress and trauma-related disorders.

- am Redirecting Resistance: Advanced Skills and Techniques for Substantive Change Fred Hanna, Ph DProfessor in the Department of Counseling at Adler University, Chicago, IL and also serves as a Faculty Associate at Johns Hopkins University.

He has held positions on the editorial boards of six scholarly journals and has published a wide range of professional articles.

The Precursors Model offers a host of innovative and immediately applicable techniques that soften resistance and converts unwilling clients into those who willingly engage in counseling. Over a dozen strategies and techniques are offered. The precursors are the offense mechanisms of change.– am Refreshment Break Breaks will be held each am and pm in the exhibit area.- am The State of Our Unions Pat Love, Ed DKnown for her warmth, humor, and practical, research based wisdom.

Distinguished professor, licensed marriage and family therapist and long-standing clinical member and approved supervisor in American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and served as President of the International Association for Marriage and Family Counseling.

Therapy interventions for depression will be illustrated.

The model accounts for the co-occurrence of borderline personality, trauma and depression.

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