Who is matthew mcconaughey dating 2016

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Who is matthew mcconaughey dating 2016 - dating prieten chat 2016

The couple got engaged in December 2011, and married the next year in Austin, Texas.Now, they spend less time in the clubs and more time at home with their three children Levi, Vida and Livingston.

If you have a heart, it's sure to swell when you hear Mc Conaughey's sweet tale.

But back to the couple's love: Thy hunky actor previously swooned over his wife, explaining the first moments after they met.

"We went on our first date three nights later and I knew then …

Wicker furniture, a lot of dark wood, and potted ferns like you'd find hanging on a Charleston veranda. and doors don't officially open till , so except for the sounds that come with the staff doing its thing to prepare for that evening's crowd—a bucket of ice being dumped into a sink, the clinking of freshly cleaned glasses as they're returned to a shelf—the bar is quiet. The manager let us in early, saying it was the least he could do after all the time and money Mc Conaughey spent here shooting a TV commercial for Wild Turkey bourbon.

Mc Conaughey picked the Sassafras as our meeting spot because he's no fool; he knows what can make or break a brand. He made his brand, broke it, and then made it again. Suffice it to say, the dude has learned enough to know that in choosing this bar, he's done all he can to ensure that Wild Turkey will get some product placement here. Jackson is out there for Capital One; George Clooney has done TV spots for Nespresso.

Camila Alves put a spell on Matthew Mc Conaughey and now, he's hers!

MORE: University of Texas Students Get a Surprise Safe Ride Home From Matthew Mc Conaughey The 47-year-old actor recently gushed about his wife in an interview with star talked about the first time he met Alves back in 2006, during a night out with friends."I had a time in my life when I was fine going from here to there, bam-bam-bam — healthy, fluent, single years. When I saw the woman who is now my wife, I was at a club making margaritas at my table with friends," he explained."When she walked in wearing this aqua dress, I went, ‘Whoa, what is that? You can’t dial up that kind of woman." The rest, as they say, is history.A Texan himself, Mc Conaughey thought, "I know that guy who when the doctor tells you in 1985 that you've got AIDS, those are fightin' words: I knew that guy." Mc Conaughey was willing to do damn near anything to play Woodroof. was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and he earned his first Oscar for his performance.So if you want to bust his balls over those commercials, if you want to question his judgment, well, go right ahead, and he'll go right ahead doing anything he believes in."Out of the corner of my eye, this sort of aqua-green figure went floating across the frame about 20 feet in front of me," reminisces Mc Conaughey. Get your ass out of your chair and go get her.' Which I did." Smart man... The too-cute couple has been married since 2012 and now share three children together.