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But I suspect that what really set “Closer” apart and made it a chart juggernaut was the fact that it’s a true, traditional duet.(As the’s Crystal Leww notes, actual duets are rare in EDM.) Remarkably, this is the first Chainsmokers track on which Andrew Taggart sings.

After amassing tens of thousands of You Tube followers as a teenager and signing to dance-music label Astralwerks at age 18, Halsey has steadily built her pop profile over the last year: dropping a strong-selling album late last summer, earning admiring reviews for her Lorde-meets–Lana Del Rey cerebral pop, and drawing buzz for her foul-mouthed cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.” (She sang it uncensored, with the word songwriter Ed Sheeran actually meant for “love” intact.) But to date, Halsey hasn’t been a big hitmaker.

Her only Hot 100 hit as a lead artist, “New Americana,” peaked at No. For two of those three weeks, it’s been America’s best-selling digital song; last week, on on-demand audio services like Spotify, “Closer” ousted Drake’s “One Dance” after nearly four months as the most-played song; and this week, “Closer” took over as the most-streamed song, period, across all online services including You Tube.

60 in January, and prior to “Closer,” Halsey’s sole appearance in the Top 40 was as a featured singer on her pal Bieber’s minor hit “The Feeling” (which topped out at No. So while it’s tempting to give much of the credit for the Chainsmokers’ first chart-topper to its alluring featured singer, the fact is they are currently a bigger name than she is. Radio, always late to the party, is catching up— Perhaps “Closer” came in like a tropical storm because it followed the Chainsmokers’ patented template.

Her yearning vocal deepens “Closer’s” brooding ambiance.

Even in a year where it seems every other hit is oddly wistful, “Closer” stands out for its tone of small-scale regret writ large.

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It’s as if, having written the song (with co-writers Shaun Frank and Frederic Kennett) as a he-said-she-said tête-à-tête, Taggart realized he wouldn’t be able to sit this one out.

Given that he made his name behind the boards and not in front of a mic, Taggart’s voice is modest and underwhelming (not unlike DJ and froggy singer Calvin Harris or, from an earlier era, trumpeter-turned-improbable-singer Herb Alpert).

He-vs.-she duets like this may not be a common formula, but as both the Human League’s and the Chainsmokers’ respective, synth-powered No.