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Ethnic strife between the indigenous Tripuri people and the migrant Bengali population due to large influx of Bengali Hindu refugees and settlers from Bangladesh led to tension and scattered violence since its integration into the country of India, but the establishment of an autonomous tribal administrative agency and other strategies have led to peace.

Tripura is a landlocked state in North East India, where the seven contiguous states – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura – are collectively known as the Seven Sister States.

Mainstream Indian cultural elements coexist with traditional practices of the ethnic groups, such as various dances to celebrate religious occasions, weddings and festivities; the use of locally crafted musical instruments and clothes; and the worship of regional deities.

The sculptures at the archaeological sites Unakoti, Pilak and Devtamura provide historical evidence of artistic fusion between organised and tribal religions.

The area of modern 'Tripura' was ruled for several centuries by the Tripuri dynasty.

It was the independent princely state of the Tripuri Kingdom under the protectorate of the British Empire which was known as Hill Tippera The independent Tripuri Kingdom (or Hill Tippera) joined the newly independent India in 1949.

Variants of the name include Tripra, Tuipura and Tippera.

A Kokborok etymology from twi (water) and pra (near) has been suggested; the boundaries of Tripura extended to the Bay of Bengal when the kings of the Tripra Kingdom held sway from the Garo Hills of Meghalaya to Arakan, the present Rakhine State of Burma; so the name may reflect vicinity to the sea.

Following the war, the Indian government reorganised the North East region to ensure effective control of the international borders – three new states came into existence on 21 January 1972: settlement by Hindu Bengalis increased at the time of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

Hindu Bengalis migrated to Tripura after 1949 to escape religious persecution in Muslim majority East Pakistan.

The Rajmala, a chronicle of Tripuri kings which was first written in the 15th century, The boundaries of the kingdom changed over the centuries.

At various times, the borders reached south to the jungles of the Sundarbans on the Bay of Bengal; east to Burma; and north to the boundary of the Kamarupa kingdom in Assam.

Due to its geographical isolation, economic progress in the state is hindered.

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