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When you make the songwriter the most important thing, where somebody makes more money than everybody else — which songwriting does do — it creates something that can’t survive.” – Talk about the R. M./Chili Peppers model, where all songwriting royalties are shared equally amongst the band.

– LD: “I think one of the great things about Thelonious Monster is that you did have that direct connection to (early LA punk).

The Replacements have been a songwriter’s band and so has Soul Asylum. That kind of weird thing they did with songwriters. – Bob: “(Chris Handsome’s) favorite band is Talking Heads. So, then Mike (Martt) would try to copy that and John Frusciante** could copy that. (Our) sound is this combination of Stooges guitar, (Talking Heads guitar), and Pete’s throw it all over everywhere drums.

That’s why we always needed a solid bass player to make it make sense.” ** Frusciante was Thelonious Monster’s guitar player for a brief period in the summer/fall of 1988.

This is the second part, which is a bit longer than the first.

The main difference between the two posts — and knowing me, I’ll end up doing this for both — is that Part 2 comes with an annotated timeline.

Nobody’s gonna listen to Chris because he’s whiny and skinny. Pete talks all the time, but he doesn’t know what he’s saying. Huck did these first 2 records ( – Bob: “John was so pissed they took the record away from him and gave it to Joe Hardy to mix. John was telling me I gotta stand up to them and I don’t know who I gotta stand up to. So, they came up with this goofy thing (the official producer Ian Brennan: “We did like 40 songs and then he assembled the record exactly like how he envisioned it.

To show you how mature I am, they* told me, ‘It’s gonna be this history of your songs, very raw and basic.I went back to (collaboration) with Josh (Klinghoffer) in The Bicycle Thief.I would say, ‘I have this song,’ and then I would sing what I had, and then he and I would go round and round about it, and it would become a song that sounds organic and more like a band song than a songwriter’s song. It was a bad model this one guy being celebrated and the other three guys don’t matter.” – Bob loved The Plimsouls and Los Lobos. – Bob talks about how Chris Handsome’s rhythm guitar style made Thelonious Monster special. Flea always said that without Chris it doesn’t really sound like Thelonious Monster.“I had been making all the money up until then and it didn’t seem to make me happy. – We talk about Thelonious Monster’s original bassist, Jon Huck.I was trying to correct a wrong, but we were all on heroin, and we were all fucking crazy.” – Chris Handsome does heroin one time, with amazing, and then disastrous results. – KK Barrett and Jon Huck, who both work in the film industry, see the Monster as a hobby and don’t want to tour. Fast forward to 2014 and KK is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Production Design on the film, ), we’re gonna really tour, we have a real manager, we’re gonna be like the Chili Peppers. – “It’s about a mother killing a father because he beats her.” – “I always liked that people confused me and Jeffrey Lee Pierce because he made one of the 10 greatest albums ever made.” LD: “ (1986). – Bob: “In LA (in the mid-’80s), there wasn’t bands like us. – Bob: “What happens to guys like Westerberg, Pirner, and me — or Maria — they make US the thing.