Www datingamazing com

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Www datingamazing com

However, you are not the only one who has to beat his competition. I already told you in other articles that the most attractive girls have the biggest problems to find decent guys who don’t want to buy them and who are not complete morons with more arrogance than brain cells.

It should be no secret that we men absolutely love when a girl gives us head and welcomes our best friend in her warm mouth until the bitter end.One proof that swallowing cum is an attempt to keep a man can be found in the experience reports of married men who ask themselves why their beloved wife doesn’t do it anymore.Some of the women did such a great job that they literally forced their husbands to put a ring on their finger: Okay, maybe she’s not really consciously thinking about swallowing your cum because it’s good for her health.Nevertheless, she wants to share an intimate experience with you that has the power to bring you closer together.And it’s true, whenever a girl swallowed my cum, I felt a deeper connection with her than before. I am not lying when I say that a lot of girls told me that swallowing my semen was an important step for them – a step to a new level of physical and emotional connection. I already told you this when I shared a couple of things with you that make you more handsome and when I showed you ways to get noticed by women who wouldn’t notice you otherwise.If I can trust the honest, fun and quite disturbing conversations I had with female friends, there are at least 9 reasons why swallowing cum is a sign of love.

Sex is always an intimate experience and nearly never the way it is portrayed in porn movies.

Once she has found such a man, she wants to make sure that he chooses her over some other girl.

Writing him a poem would be a great idea, even though it wouldn’t be as effective as swallowing his cum.

All you can think off is to come in her beautiful mouth.

You moan, your whole body starts to shake and with an ear-shattering scream you release hundreds of millions of potential offsprings into her mouth.

If she wouldn’t have those feelings for you, she wouldn’t do it.

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    A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how pleasant she is until you put her in hot water, however a man is like banana- until you grind to make the milkshake you will not come to know how wonderful he is.

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    Even though I'd seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off many times, I failed to connect what I was picturing to the balloon bouquet-wielding nurse that mistakenly performs for Bueller's sister.

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