Leisha and camila grey dating

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Leisha and camila grey dating - dating doctor toronto

Leisha Hailey (aka Alice Pieszecki) is not only the second half of UHH, the two have also been girlfriends since 2011 (four years after forming the electropop band).A little over a year ago, however, the couple decided to take a hiatus from UHH so both could pursue other creative outlets.

Dabbling quickly spiraled into diving when she joined forces with two friends to create LUC, an upscale lesbian party to counter L. The trio didn’t have a budget to pay for DJs so the job fell squarely on Grey. The two had been friends long before UHH formed and prior to Grey and Hailey’s romance.

“I grew up in Austin, and with the Chronicle,” says Grey, who left Austin in 1998 after graduating high school – “not to date myself.

It’s been a minute since I lived [in town], but I still consider it home and still have family there.” She’s also looking forward to participating in this historic Pride that will be forever known as the first, post-marriage equality. There was no Gay Straight Alliance at my school.” Grey’s timely return was orchestrated by the lez-event production company, Girls With Flair! Yes, the same ones that brought Ruby Rose to Austin, not once but twice.

The musician (singer, guitarist, and keyboardist of Uh Huh Her) turned DJ will descend on Austin to play one hell of a ladies Pride party on the eve of the parade.

And though this won’t be her first time performing in Austin since coming out, it will be Grey’s first out Austin Pride and her first time DJing in her native city.

Although we have reports of what Customers characterize as an excessive public display of affection, ultimately their aggressive reaction led to their removal from the aircraft.

"We do not tolerate discrimination against anyone for any reason.Just recently she wrapped a stint working with Adam Lambert, and she’s been doing a great deal of writing during UHH’s break. emerged on the scene a year ago when founder Felicia Dawn Hershey snagged the about-to-blow-up Ruby Rose to DJ a 2014 Pride party.Though Hershey has been working as a free-agent manager for women in the entertainment industry since 2010, GWF became an official LLC after Hershey joined forces with Ali Martin – a local entrepreneur/graphic designer.Sure, Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey are getting tons of publicity now.But that wasn't their intention when they shared a kiss on an airplane.“It will bring people together for a celebration on a human level,” says Grey. In an attempt to one-up themselves, GWF are also bringing Grey’s DJ'ing partner-in-crime, Kate Moennig (aka Shane in the L Word and Lena in Ray Donovan) for the New Now.