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QR codes There are QR codes on boxes and other things throughout the game.Scan them with a QR readable phone to view hidden messages.

While using Adam Jensen's computer, hacking the special reward nodes will get you a 500 XP bonus. You can always return to Adam Jensen's computer later in the game to repeat this trick, or try it on other hacking challenges throughout the game.

At the eastern corner, in a dead-end south of a sewer entrance, you will find a light wall.

Upgrade your augmented strength to punch through the light wall and find the Praxis Kit. Detroit City Apartments: Enter the apartment building behind a locked gate down the alley behind the gun-runner's abandoned gas station.

Go to the second floor of the apartment building, and break into the apartment with a level 5 lock, or enter the code "2356" to get in. Hack into the cage or enter the code "3663" (which is obtained from the computer terminal nearby) to enter the cage.

Look on the shelves to your left when you enter the cage to find a Praxis Kit. Detroit LIMB Clinic: Two Praxis Kits can be bought here for 5,000 credits each.

Additionally, if you have the Reflex Booster augmentation (which allows you to take down two enemies at once), you can get an easy 125 XP from a non-lethal takedown/kill compared to a lethal takedown/kill. Open the door, and walk inside to get a 100 XP Traveler bonus.

Easy hacking To keep attempting hacks without running out of hack attempts, when the system is alerted before you run out of time, press Circle to cancel hacking, then press Triangle, and the failed attempt will not count against your limited number of chances.

While holding the object, throw it next to yourself or close to where you want the target to approach.

The entire group of enemies will be alerted when they hear the object hit the ground or wall you threw it at, but only one should approach to investigate.

When you have acquired the optional nodes or captured the network node, pause the game, and load the saved game created before you hacked. When the "Access Granted" window appears, do not select "OK". Load the saved game you created before starting the hack. Repeat the previous steps, and capture every optional node or the network node. Note: This glitch was done on an unpatched version of the game. Then, hack the optional nodes, but do not complete the hack.

After you hack the nodes, load the previous saved game, and repeat the process.

Note: If you throw the object a long distance, the investigating enemy may track the object's flight path directly back to your position. Easy storage To store an item instead of carrying it around, simply throw it on the ground.

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