Theonomy and the dating of revelation

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Theonomy and the dating of revelation - Free ts sexcam

By carefully observing which demonstrative a speaker uses, the listener can learn where the speaker locates himself relative to the objects that are spoken of.

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He uses “that” and “those” in such expressions as “those days” and “that hour” (, 22, 29, 36).

He also speaks of the past flood of Noah as “those days” (). Revelation 22:6, “And he said to me, “These words are faithful and true”; and the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, sent His angel to show to His bond-servants the things which must shortly take place.” This is passage #6 from Gary De Mar’s list of “time indicators” for Revelation as noted above.

The objects Jesus speaks about are remote to His vantage point in the present. However, Gentry cites Revelation 20:7-9 as a reference to the yet future second coming. 254; 276; 418) This creates a contradiction within Gentry”s brand of preterism. is a master in using words to take his readers back to the future, i.e., in creating virtual reality that many will not distinguish from reality itself.

Simply put, the approaches are the only four possible ways to relate to time: past, present, future, and timeless. Matthew 24:1-34 (and parallels) in the Olivet Discourse was fulfilled in the events surrounding the fall of Jerusalem in A. Since “all these things” did not take place in the first century then the generation that Christ speaks of must be future. As such it is the issue of the signs that controls the passage’s force, making this view likely. 1691-92.) The whole preterist argument goes up in smoke since they have reversed the interpretative process by declaring first that “this generation” has to refer to Christ’s contemporaries, thus all these things had to be fulfilled in the first century.

These are known as Preterism (past), Historicism (present), Futurism (future), and Idealism (timeless). Gentry as follows: The term “preterism” is based on the Latin preter, which means “past.” Preterism refers to that understanding of certain eschatological passages which holds that they have already come to fulfillment. Christ is saying that the generation that sees “all these things” occur will not cease to exist until all the events of the future tribulation are literally fulfilled. The tradition reflected in Revelation shows that the consummation comes very quickly once it comes. If this view is correct, Jesus says that when the signs of the beginning of the end come, then the end will come relatively quickly, within a generation. When one points out that various passages in Matthew 24 were not fulfilled, preterists merely repeat their mantra of “this generation,” so that all these things had to be fulfilled in the first century.

Over time, he believes that a majority of people will be converted to Christ and they will gradually transform society into the kingdom of Christ, without His personal presence on earth. The phrase “this generation” his is identical to the “this generation” phrase of Matthew . The scope of use of every occurrence of this generation is determined in the same way.

Once this has been achieved, then there will be a long period where righteousness will abound, wars will cease, and prosperity and safety will flourish. Gentry’s preterism, let me just say that postmillennialism is wrong because of its allegorical hermeneutic, replacement theology, and confusion of the current church age with the millennium. 159) Fellow preterist, Gary De Mar says, “A preterist is someone who believes that certain prophecies have been fulfilled, that is, their fulfillment is in the past.” (Gary De Mar, Last Days Madness: Obsession of the Modern Church, (American Vision, 1999), p. Gentry says the following about Matthew : We must recognize that a simple reading of Matthew provides an unambiguous assertion that all of the things Christ the Great Prophet mentioned up to this point–;i.e., in verses 4 through 34–were to occur in the very generation of the original disciples: . The same is true for Hebrews , which says, “Therefore I was angry with this generation.” “This generation” is governed or controlled grammatically by the contextual reference to those who wandered in the wilderness for forty years during the Exodus.

Note: Don Preston is a full preterist and therefore his teaching cannot receive full or blind acceptance.

His many videos on You Tube are worthy of listening and interacting with in a timeline [email protected]: It is fair to say "fulfillment of Old Covenant promises" but only as much as it pertains to Israel being divorced as an adulterous wife.

The promises of the covenant are not fulfilled as much as the curses of the covenant as [email protected]: I truly do respect Mr Preston for attempting to correlate this passage to the book of Revelation.

I'm not sure that I disagree as much as I am fearful of the poor, and I mean really poor, exegesis of this passage.

Frankly, this is both a literal interpretation and one that was not fulfilled in the first century. Bible teacher, Charles Clough explains things as follows: Let’s think about pronouns like “this/these” and “that/those”, especially as used in eschatological texts.

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