Hanoi dating service

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Hanoi dating service - online dating truck driving simulator

Hanoi Hotel is famous for having both a KTV and a massage parlors.

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The VIP rooms feature AC, comfortable beds, showers and a jacuzzi. Open every day from 10AM to midnight 4-star Fortuna Hotel is home to one of the most famous massage parlors "plus plus" in Hanoi, at least among foreigners.

De Palace Spa does not look as good as its name would suggest, but you'll forget about it once your head will be pressed into a pillow.

The room costs about VND600,000 and you need to tip your therapist an other VND500,000-1,000,000 for HJ or BJ.

Once you are done with your soaking, the massage is average but it ends happily.

It is located within a reasonable taxi ride from both West Lake and Hoàn Kiếm Lake.

You can expect to pay VND300,000 for the room (60 minutes) and VND500,000 to tip the girl (for HJ/BJ).

If you prefer two girls, it will cost you VND500,000 for the room and VND1,000,000 to tip both. A massage parlor with about 20 girls, providing similar services as above.For this reason, it is recommended to come with a few friends to make it really fun.The girls wear a bikini but you can fool around a bit as long as you don't get caught.We double-checked every piece of information, but if you find a mistake, please leave a message in the comment section below.Windy offers soapy massages with sexual services, some of them involving your body being recovered with yogurt and being licked from head to toe. There are three branches but the most reputed is Windy I, which is located behind Windy Hotel (same owner).You can pick up prostitutes and take them out to your room for 0 (short time) or 0 (long time - overnight). You can sleep in Hanoi Hotel during your stay in the city.