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They weren’t anti-depressant-caliber pills like Prozac. The phone reps basically told me too bad, they had already charged my card and there were no refunds. So, the program to attack anxiety and depression simply made those things rage within me even worse than before.

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I too was desparate and found their late-night infomercials very tempting. I just remember when listening to Lucinda on the CDs that she was always talking about David(her dear husband) being her “rock” and how he would try to give her good advice when she was feeling anxious and/or depressed.

The gist was that the Center had used misleading claims and credentials to charge them a lot of money for programs that didn’t work (or at least hadn’t worked for them).

To be fair, a number of Center apologists also weighed in, and for a while we had a spirited, thought-provoking give-and-take going.

Cleaning out the trunk of my car yesterday, I came across a stack of cassette tapes from a period in my life when I was so desperate I’d spend stupid sums of money on anything to remove my fear and anxiety.

These tapes were part of a program that cost me some 0.

Still, I couldn’t help but find it sadly, painfully ironic that THIS GUY would end his own life.

Here’s something I found that was written shortly after Bassett’s death.

When I came back inside, I found myself looking up articles about the Midwest Center and found some surprising items.

First, I found obituaries for Lucinda Bassett’s husband, David Bassett, co-principal of the self-help empire.

Then you can buy the ‘program’ for and save yourself 5 just 90% off the ripoff price they charge everyone else.

That sounded a lot like my experiences with the program. What worked for me won’t necessarily work for the next guy or gal. I just don’t think it should cost someone 0 to handle the dice.

The various reports were that he committed suicide in June 2008.

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