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The group arrived in the future location of Lawrence on August 1 of that year, and they ate their first meal on Hogback Ridge itself.After a few months of work, the settlement was beginning to take shape, and by October 1854, the settlers began debating as to what their community should be named.

After the law's passing, outrage united anti-slavery forces into a movement (which soon was institutionalized as the Republican Party) committed to stopping the expansion of slavery.

Douglas of Illinois promoted the idea of popular sovereignty as a middle position on the slavery issue.

The two argued that the actual residents of territories should be able to decide by voting whether or not slavery would be allowed in a newly created territory.

They moved out of the station amid the cheering of the crowds who lined the track for several blocks." In late July, the group met Robinson in St.

Louis, who told them all he knew and provided them with transportation.

While Branscomb and Robinson were exploring, the New England Emigrant Aid Company was busy assembling a "pioneer party" of twenty-nine men to found their city.

On July 17, 1854, this group departed Boston; according to Cordley, "Immense crowds had gathered at the station to give them a parting God-speed.

Robinson remembered this view from the hilltop, and this doubtless had much to do in the final decision.

When he was asked, therefore, to go and explore the country with a view to locating colonies, it was not altogether an unknown land to him.

It is located in the northeastern sector of the state, next to Interstate 70, between the Kansas and Wakarusa Rivers.

As of the 2010 census, the city's population was 87,643.

Within no time, pro- and anti-slavery elements were moving into Kansas with the intention of either approving or banning the practice of slavery, respectively.