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It is impossible for the editor to enumerate here all to whom he feels a deep sense of gratitude for assistance rendered and kindly interest taken in this work. Ellen Brasee Towt, whose deep interest in her native county and intimate knowledge of events have made her a most valuable aid in the compilation of this history. Joseph Hunter, Founder of the County — First White Child Born in the County — First White Woman Settler — Mrs. George San- derson — The Log Cabin — First Funeral — Fourth of July Celebration in 1800 — "Johnny Appleseed" — Roster of County Officials- — Senators and Representatives. — Lancaster's Distinguished Visitors — Lancaster Public Library — Munic- ipal Officers — List of Mayors from i8ji to ipi2 — Lancaster Country Club — Lancaster, the City Beautiful. — The Motherzvell Iron Works — Lancaster Shoe Manufactories — Total Daily Output, 10,000 Pairs of Shoes — The A. — The Lan- caster Shoe Co.— The Fairfield Shoe Co.— The Ohio Shoe Co.— Hotels— A Classified List of Lancaster's Business Enterprises Including the Professions. I'roni his own people he turned and took up his lot with the Indian.

She has rendered important service in the preparation of the chapter on the "Bench and Bar, for her knowl- edge of many facts there narrated came to her first hand from her distinguished father, Judge John Scofield Brasee. CHAPTER V Lancaster — The County Seat } 102 The Beginning of Things — History of Location, Name, and Sale of Lots by Ebenezer Zane — First Born — First Schools and Teachers — Mail Routes, Post Office and Postmasters — Commercial Lancaster — Board of Trade — Members of Public Boards — Water Works — Fire Department — The Famous Lancaster Bar — A Historic Structure — Pictures on Mem- ory's Walls — Remarks on Hocking H. CHAPTER VI Townships and Towns 126 History of Each Township — Schools — Teachers — Churches — Noted Incidents and Events — Local Industries — Historical and Descriptive Sketches of the Various Towns and Villages. CHAPTER X Banks and Banking ^jy The Bank in History — The Fairfield National Bank of Lancaster — The Lancaster National Bank — The Farmers and Citizens Bank of Lancaster — Tlic Hocking Valley National Bank of Lancaster — The Farmers and Merchants Bank Co. His bloody work was done in Ohio, and especially in southwestern Ohio.

At the time of the passage of the Ordinance of 1787 it is probable that there were not more than 6o,cx)0 "free inhabitants" in the entire five states. In this section — the Old Northwest — we find now the largest lakes, joined by silvery rivers and canals, the richest mine deposits, and the most fertile soil in North America, if not in the world.

720 Dilger, Mathias J 720 Dillon, Edward B 296 Dolson, Ben R 298 Dolson, Thomas H 448 Doner, Allen 671 Doner, Nathaniel 667 Doty, O. February 19, 1803, and Fairfield County, as part of Ohio, entered upon her history-making career, although the county had been organ- ized in 1800, by proclamation of Territorial Governor, General Arthur St. There were five states carved out of the Old Northwest— Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin — making a total area of 250,000 square miles.

It is the oldest univer- sity west of the Allegheny Mountains. AND REPRESENTATIVE CITIZENS 101 1838, Samuel Spangler.

Group II — The Sanderson Family — Elizabeth Sherman Reese — Capt. In Ohio this township is located in Athens county, and thus grand old Ohio University, at Athens originated and is, in part, sustained today.

., sideration of the public, the work, imperfect as it is, not of youthful years, but .^, j|^ ..-. It is offered with the hope that it will give the reader as much real pleasure in the reading as it has brought the author in the writing. , „ ■ r To write the history of a people, and to mterpret the full meanmg of events, is not an easy task. CHAPTER XHI Religious Development 318 Sketches of the Various Churches and Religious Societies in Lancaster — The Lancaster Camp Meeting and Assembly — Rev. Simon Ken- ton was employed by the company to pilot them to their destination and to procure them a supply of fresh meat daily from the fqf- est.

That dream has been realized, and here is offered, for the con- . Wagenhals, Hervey Scott — List of the Physicians and Surgeons in the County — The Dentists — The Park Street Hospital — The Lancaster Medical Research Club. In the spring of 1807 my father and eight or ten other men, with their families, left the coun- ties of Bourbon and Harrison, Kentucky, for homes in the Mad River Valley. From the sale of this land the schools have realized more than twenty mil- lion dollars. This generous grant on the part of the gen- eral government gave to these five States five million acres. He longed for the time when he might tell the story of his native county — the county he loves so well. CHAPTER XVII Military History of the County 397 The County's Military Record — Rez'olutionary Soldiers Buried in Fairfield County — The County in the War of i8i2-i~i—The Mexican War CONTENTS ix — Fairfield County in the Civil War — Lancaster in the War — Death of Maj. I will give one in- stance outside of the domain of war. One of the youthful dreams of the author was the writing of this history. Hite — Torvnship and l^illage Teachers of Fairfield County — Boxtvell— Patterson Graduates — Then and Now (Log and Red Schoolhouse Times) — The Old Spelling School — Enoch Barry Seitc — Geo. CHAPTER XVI Fraternal and Benevolent Societies 385 Masonry and its Various Branches and Lodges in Lancaster — The In- dependent Order of Odd Felloivs — The Knights of Pythias — The Elks — The Eagles — Daughters of the American Revolution — Ladies Auxiliary Sons of Veterans — Etc. Giesy — The Grand Army of the Republic — Woman's Relief Corps — Sons of Veterans — The Spanish- American War — Muster Roll of Co. "As before stated, his long contest with the Indians had taught him the value of quick de- cision and instantaneous action ; and these things he had so long practiced that they be- came a part of his nature. f As p^ CIFT ESTATE OF TMOI&AS EWINO IN ipl KI 23, 1941 n* liii MIT OF SOMOUM S-'/i"-A PREFACE We seldom forget the dreams of our youth — they are too dear to be forgotten. CHAPTER XIV Education 332 The Lancaster Public Schools — The Old Greenfield Academy — Fair- field Union Academy — Crawfis Institute — Boys' Industrial School — John C. CHAPTER XV Public Institutions and Public Buildings 366 The Court Houses — City Hall — County Infirmary and Poor Farm — Fairfield County Children's Home — The County Fair — Old Cit\ Burial Ground, with List of Names as Recorded on Gravestones — Telephones and Telegraph. It is suffi- cient to say that the Indians were not further molested.

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