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Charles found his horse, Jackson, at the depot, having just arrived from Kalamazoo; -- so rode him out to the Fort, and the vacant seats in the flanigan were occupied (by invitation) by Col. this evening just before retreat, Gen'l Custer was arrested by two officers from town on a charge of murder, preferred by one Lieut.

Took a delightful ride this morning with Gen'l Custer in his light buggy. This morning accompanied by a miserably managed melodeon. Parsons, Huntingdon, Howe and Leary are the battery officers. Armstrong and Libbie, Mary and Charles went to the city this morning to see and hear the Swiss bell ringers, the Alleghanians. On the back of the notebook Libbie Custer wrote, "Rebecca's diary of Kansas Fort leavenworth. EBC." The Richmond family did not settle in Kansas as it seemed they might in the spring of 1868. She has two daughters at Miss Porter's school at Farmington, Conn., and Mrs. The Kendall's, however, remained in Topeka until Charles's death in 1895. In her will she left a trust fund of ,000, the income from which was for for the use of Elizabeth Custer during her lifetime. The changes wrought in one short twelve months are startling indeed. It is not possible to identify everybody that Rebecca met in Kansas and mentioned in her diary, though an attempt has been made to find information on many of them. "Turn where so e'er I may by night or day, the things which I have seen I shall see no more." And yet the machinery of time has been worked, so quietly, so skillfully, that the threads were scarce aware of the fact that they were manipulated into the warp and woof of history until the balance sheet of the expired year revealed the fabric complete in its variety of pattern and coloring. is no longer the abiding place of the Richmond family. There I joined them on the day after Christmas, and we came together to this point [Fort Leavenworth, Kan.].

Mother and father expected to leave the southeast corner, fourth story, No. General Custer [1] and his wife, Anna Darrah, [2] Charles Kendall, Mary and I were stationed in the front parlor at one o'clock today to receive the callers and pass others along to the refreshment table in the back room. [11] None of us went out this evening but spent the evening in singing sacred music, assisted by Lieut Jackson and Col. On Sunday morning we breakfast at about 81/2 o'clock, an hour earlier than usual so as to enable the officers to be in punctual attendance upon the regular Sunday Inspection. Most generally the data on the army officers has been found in Francis B. After making a prospective tour through Kansas last fall, Charles and Mary returned to G. Rapids, settled up their business (disposing partnership with John Kendall), packed their furniture and household good for transportation and after ten days spent visiting friends in the city, bade adieu to old home scenes and faces and boarded the cars as emigrants.... NOTE: The numbers in brackets are links to footnotes for this text. INTRODUCTION REBECCA RICHMOND' S diary, covering two visits to Kansas and Fort Leavenworth, was apparently borrowed by Elizabeth Bacon Custer when in the 1880's she wrote her book about life in Kansas -- The diary remains with the extensive "Elizabeth B. Foster, a friend of Anna's from Fon du Lac, arrived at Leavenworth today and called in this afternoon. 2), pages 366 to 402 Transcribed by Ron Griffin; HTML editing by Tod Roberts; digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society. We started a rabbit from its farm, on a hillside and several squirrels bounded away to the tree tops at our approach. -- Armstrong and Libbie, Charles, Mary and I rode over to town this morning in the flanigan. Jackson preceded the rest of the party on the return and was the first to relieve us of our sorrowful apprehensions concerning the probability of the general's being obliged to remain in durance vile all night. Libbie, Mary and I paid some visits this morning, accompanied by Armstrong. Libbie, Armstrong, and Anna, Mary, Charles and I went, and Col.

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