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Each part should be washed thoroughly in such a way that the water reaches the skin.

After washing away the semen or blood from the body and after niyyat, the whole body should be completely immersed in the water all at once, not gradually.If one has forgotten to rinse the mouth or the nostrils, these too could be rinsed when recalled after Ghusl has been performed.The following hadith describes how ghusl should be performed by Sunni Muslims.If, after Ghusl, one recalls that a certain portion of the body is left dry, it is not necessary to repeat the Ghusl, but merely wash the dry portion.It is not sufficient to pass a wet hand over the dry place.The phrase for 'intercourse' in this verse has been interpreted by Hanafi scholars to mean sexual contact, while Shafi'i scholars interpret contact to mean both physical and sexual contact.

Hence, the Hanafi school of thought does not require one to take wudu if there is non-sexual contact with a member of the opposite sex, while the Shafi'i school of thought does require wudu before salah and so on.

prayers, before entering the ihram in preparation for Hajj, after having lost consciousness and after formally converting.

The Shia also perform the ablution before Namaz-e-tawbah (Prayer of Repentance).

In another hadith, ibn Abbas stated that Maimuna said that The Messenger of Allah was given a towel (after ghusl), but he did not rub his body with it, but he did like this with water (i.e. I placed water near The Messenger of Allah to take a bath because of sexual intercourse.

He washed the palms of his hands twice or thrice and then put his hand in the basin and poured water over his body then struck hand against the earth and rubbed it with force and then performed ablution for the prayer and then poured three handfuls of water on his head and then washed his whole body after which he moved aside from that place and washed his feet, and then I brought a towel (so that he may wipe his body), but he returned it.

The California Supreme Court’s opinion and rationale supporting that opinion are to say the least fascinating.