Access screenupdating

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After that it is possible to export the shown record to Excel using the code. But when I export the next record it overwrites the previous exported data on row one in Excel.

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The moment I think I got it, VBE comes with errors. Private Sub Command15_Click() Dim o Excel As Object Dim o Excel Wrk Bk As Object Dim o Excel Wr Sht As Object Dim b Excel Opened As Boolean 'Start Excel On Error Resume Next Set o Excel = Get Object(, "Excel.

Visible = True Exit_Point: Set o Excel Wr Sht = Nothing Set o Excel Wrk Bk = Nothing Set o Excel = Nothing Exit Sub Error_Handler: Msg Box Err & " - " & Err.

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You can also optionally pass the method a second parameter?

By passing this method a True or a False value, you can indicate whether you want to display updating within the main Access window.

The acb Show Updates method really doesn't do much besides what a direct call to Application.

Echo does: As a matter of fact, the reason this procedure exists at all is because the techniques used in this topic work great in Access 2002 and later, but may not work correctly in earlier versions?

The form includes a checkbox that allows you to run the test with screen updates enabled or disabled.

Try it both ways; you should see a clear difference between the two ways of running the test.

Close True, s File Name 'Save and close the generated workbook ' 'Close excel if is wasn't originally running ' If b Excel Opened = False Then ' o Excel.

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