Seattle interracial dating

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Seattle interracial dating - religious veiws on interracial dating

Dave and I keep our eyes peeled for the growing number of mixed couples in commercials, too.A favorite is the one with a black woman asking her white significant other whether he wants the flavorless chicken dish or the package of (yawn) beef.

Ultimately I understood why La Salle did it; black women, he observed at the time, have a hard enough time getting fairly portrayed on television as it is.So before and during the 13 years that Dave and I have been together, the message we've gotten from television has subtly mimicked the opinion of the real world, that couples like us aren't destined to make it.No series that I can recall explicitly said as much, but what are we supposed to think when "Ally Mc Beal's" luckless-in-love attorney had a shot at bliss with a black doctor ...The lovers were brought back together in Missouri to battle a ghost truck possessed by the soul of a crazed good ol' boy. Ultimately, the killer truck is not important here. Every family wants to see reflections of itself on television.I will pause for a moment to acknowledge the inanity of this plot. What he found remarkable was that an African American woman and a standard-issue actor from The Wonder Bread network were between the sheets, kissing. So to us, the recent flood of interracial couples going about their business has been refreshing.That, perhaps, was excusable given the Steve-Miranda history.

The series took a more head-on approach when Samantha tried to date a black man, who was pressured by his sister to keep his distance.

And he didn't want to perpetuate the image of a successful black man passing over black women to be with a white one.

That sore point is central to "Something New," a romantic comedy currently in theaters, about a tightly wound professional black woman (Sanaa Lathan) overcoming her reservations about dating her white landscaper (Simon Baker).

Nor can I help but think of two of television's other well-known interracial couples: Keith and David, of HBO's late "Six Feet Under," and Bette and Tina on Showtime's "The L Word." Though their relationships were fraught with difficulties, both pairings were (and are) raw, true depictions of the challenges faced by people who commit to one another when society is aligned against such a union.

Since they are gay, such honesty is relegated to the distant realm of premium cable.

and he disappeared as soon as she decided to go for it?

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