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I had it in my head that night that I wasn't going to drink because I knew I wanted to go home and sleep in my bed. It was extremely difficult the first few days, I was so sad.

I got a DUI the first of Nov this year in Colorado. I am not going to hire a lawyer as everyone gets the standard plea bargain for the first offence. I guess I just need to get it out and am hoping that this will make me feel a little better. I blew a .19 and I am being offered a plea deal if I just plead the DUI per se charge and I just have no idea what to do. for driving while on Soma and Klonopin for my Fibromyalgia. Its created a very strained relationship with my husband and I can't pass a background check. I got a DUI drug and a DUI drug without prescription. I woke up in jail with my 2nd DWI and went into shock. My husband was at home dying of cancer and I was self medicating as usual.Hi everyone, I wanted to share my dui story with you all. I liked to drink, especially after my dad died about a year prior, even though he had gotten a DUI when I was a kid, I never took it seriously, I...On August 17, 2012 I was pulled over and arrested for a dui in Virginia. It sucks to end up with a DUI, mostly because of court and losing your license and having to deal with motherf*cking cops.Tonight seems like an appropriate night to share my experiences with DUI's.My drinking career kicked off my senior year in high school, and I never looked back. Just read Devils Advocate's post and agree completely. This is heartbreaking for me as a mother but as a citizen I also realize the social response to this issue. Isn't is a bit hypocritical for so many (me included) who have gotten away with...I was planning on getting my driver's license on December... I got a call from a friend of mine that he had just received 7,000.00 in back child support and wanted me to come out for a drink to celebrate. I refused to take a breathalyzer or answer questions without consulting...

I must have had 3 tall beers and a two shots but was having a great time and didn't feel... I moved here from Columbus, Ohio with my ex girlfriend about 5 years ago. So the cop says, you have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney. When I was 17, almost 18, I was convicted of a DUI.

I thought i learned my lesson after the first one, I wasn't even drinking because I was so afraid. I know if anyone is reading this they felt like I did only four short months ago. I live in an area in Florida with a big ***** full of bars. I don't want to talk about the night itself, it just makes me feel like I'm making excuses.

I think I might have saved a couple of friends from getting a dui by sharing my story and I stopped some of them from doing it. Let me start by saying "do the world a real favor and go kill yourself" you MADD bastards. for me to accept the fact that I ever received a DUI in my life, I've always been that person before who made good life decisions and considered myself a good person. and reading about various people who have had one of two DUI's. I was always a good student never thought this would happen to me. Scared, ashamed, humiliated, full of regret and depression, wishing at times to go to sleep and pray you never wake up. I left my house at 7pm and went to a bar, had two marguaritas. I blew a .15 and I just simply made a huge mistake.

I am 16 years old and recently got arrested with driving under the influence of Marijuana.

I don't have a license but i do have a permit which i got in May.

I am currently in graduate school and am applying for positions as I graduate in May.

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