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For example, at the age of six, Keith took Lucas on his first camping trip.As they did, Lucas hooked his thumb which started bleeding.

The two mostly ignored each other: Lucas a loner and Nathan the popular jock, but the tension between them takes a turn and turns them into enemies when Lucas is offered a spot on the Tree Hill High varsity basketball team, where Nathan is the star player.

Lucas had a passion for basketball and played at the River Court with his friends Skills Taylor , Fergie Thompson, and Junk Moretti, with Mouth Mc Fadden usually giving commentary .

His best friend, Haley James, fell for Nathan which eventually drew Nathan and Lucas to become close companions and, eventually, true brothers.

Nathan finds a weak spot in Lucas- his best friend Haley.

Needing tutoring, Nathan asks Haley for help and she agrees under two conditions- Lucas never finds out and he has to stop harassing him.

Lucas falls into a coma and is out for days, awaking with a broken shoulder.

When he wakes up, he breaks up with Brooke, telling her he just wants to be friends.Lucas only found out that Dan was his father after playing on a little league basketball team his half-brother Nathan attended as well, where he was teased for being Dan Scott's bastard son.After returning home, Lucas asked his mother if it was true, and she denied it.Crying, Lucas was soon cheered up as his uncle got out his own pocket knife and stabbed his thumb.He pressed his thumb against Lucas' thumb and told him that now they are blood brothers, making Lucas stop crying. He was given tickets to see a Duke basketball game for himself, Karen and Keith.Later in his life, Lucas mentions he would give anything to have that birthday back.

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