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I have since submitted the tag to base legal that was left at my door step as some strange marketing ploy. I knew nobody would be sending me fruit and didn't call. they'll jump down your throat and try to sell you one over the phone as well.Just entered Best Company Promotions online and found this. Too bad you have to be suspicious of almost everyone now a days.... Left note on doorstep, parts of which are meant to look hand written - but they are not, indicating that they were trying to deliver a basket of fruit.

but there are offers flying around & meetings in the works so, who knows……

If they continue to herass you, you can report them and add to their BBB file. And the freaky thing is that they showed up but I had to cancel on them because of my sick child. The number given was: 1-858-565-1451It was typed up on a small piece of paper and left onmy door step. I figured it was from a friend and have tried to call the number and received a busy signal. Thank you for you postings so that I did not fall into their scheme.

There were no professional marking son their van, let alone the no professional marking on their shirt, let along no "free" fruit basket. Which on the bottom showed: BEST COMPANY PROMOTIONSHad feeling it was a scam. I found this same note on my doorstep and had a funny feeling about it so I Googled the phone number and found this website. Know that once you've called them, they can then call you because you have "established a business relationship" that puts it out of the do not call list prohibition.

Unfortunately, this is just a carpet cleaning company trying to get your attention.

I just got this same message, only the phone number had been blocked and I could not reply by text. "Hey i got your number from a friend of mine, but I bet you can't guess who I am! If you wanna come see if you recognize me online at psychocutie_080. i am with telus, i think they should have some sort of record as to where these messages are coming from.

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