Kim kardashian tired dating pro athletes

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Kim kardashian tired dating pro athletes - Live couple webcam free show

Reality Show During and after the Olympics, Lochte already was living his own real-time reality show, with fans suddenly knowledgeable about his token "Jeah!

Slightly intoxicated, Lochte declares midswing, "Man, f--- Phelps!

"Every girl I meet, though, something wrong happens, and I end up getting hurt." It might be difficult for viewers to sympathize, however, when trailers for the series show a tipsy Lochte mumbling halfhearted dinner invitations at pretty, young twentysomethings he meets on the Gainesville bar scene.

The swimmer unintentionally put his own "Lochte edge," as he calls it, on his eight-episode series by breaking the fourth wall, speaking directly to his producers and crew on camera (an uncommon practice in the genre).

"It definitely wasn't a directive," says Suzanne Kolb, president of E!

Entertainment, conceding that Lochte's innovation isn't necessarily a model the network will continue using. "It felt natural, and from our perspective it answered the question: What would Ryan Lochte do with a reality show?

"I told them, ' Look, this is what I want to do. ' " he says, adjusting himself to sit up just a bit straighter.

Lochte wasn't interested in a gimmick series (the swimmer was being seriously considered by ABC as the next Bachelor and as a contestant on but declined both opportunities) and charged his team with going out and selling the concept that he wanted: a diary show centered totally on him -- with the intention, he insists, of promoting the sport that made him a star.

As well known for his six-pack abs, "playa" reputation and oversize sneaker collection as he is for his three world records and 11 Olympic medals (including five golds), Lochte sees no reason why he can't follow Kardashian's trajectory. has done in the past with reality shows like hers," he says admiringly of his network co-star, whom he has not yet met.

"Today, she's huge." Lochte doesn't want to miss his moment, and he's sure this is it.

Ultimately, we feel he's a personality that will transcend because Ryan lives his life the way the E!

viewer would like to." Lochte is well aware of the gamble he's making with his reputation, his career and his livelihood.

series, shoot (a polished look he's still getting used to, admitting he only learned how to tie a tie three weeks earlier while in Washington, D.

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