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This is why it is so important to reach out to fellow Jews who may be estranged from their heritage.We try to bring them back - not only for their own sake - but also for the sake of the Jewish nation which is suffering from their absence.

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It is a mistake to think that being born with more talent somehow makes a person better.Before Purim, the rabbi put out a plate and told everyone to give a half-shekel (or its local equivalent).I understand this was done in the times of the Tempe to purchase public offerings. When the Torah instructs every Jew to donate one Half-Shekel annually, the law is that everyone must give exactly the same amount.It is important to clarify the definition of “minister responsible” in so far as Alberta legislation is laden with intricate, interwoven provisions to give considerable legal and discretionary authority to the minister and the associate minister, as provided for in respective acts and regulation.In the 2004 Alberta provincial election, AISH was the subject of some controversy following supposedly derogatory remarks made by Premier of Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, stating, of a group of AISH recipients, "they didn't look handicapped to me.".The Talmud says that the only thing we earn is our good name and character. In the words of Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, true self-esteem comes from focusing on your spiritual growth, not on superficial signs of status.

Because no one person's "package" is inherently better than another.

Also, he/she is likely to continue to be affected permanently because no remedial therapy is available that would materially improve the person’s ability to earn a regular livelihood.

The final decision on a client's file status is made by the AISH director, after receiving any relevant medical or psychological reports from a qualified health professional(s).

" If it is something that you would rather someone not overhear, it is best left unsaid. A secret may not be saying anything bad about anyone, but if someone has entrusted you with confidential information, and you have this tremendous urge to share the privileged communication with someone else, you should ask yourself: "Would I reveal this if the person who trusted me with this information were present? They may even fabricate their story to those who have no way of knowing that it may not be true.

Still, they would be ashamed to boast in the presence of someone who knew that their statement was false.

Because just as a Torah scroll is invalid if even a single letter is missing, so too the Jewish people are handicapped if even one Jew has fallen away from our people.

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