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However I have never let her go out with a boy, it used to be because I was protective of my little girl but recently it was because I couldn’t stand the thought of a man besides myself touching her. Last summer my Wife’s mother got very ill so my Wife flew to her Mom’s house and told me that she would probably be gone a month or two or as long as it took for my Mom to get better.

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I moved up her stomach and started tickling her armpits. Her breasts slipped out of her bra and were now exposed to me. I stared at them, it took all the self control I had not to start mauling them right there.Breanne looked so hot that I wanted to fuck her right there.My 12 inch dick was begging to fuck her young pussy.After a few seconds I got off of her and she put her bra and shirt back on.The rest of the day wasn’t as awkward as you might think; we just laughed the instant off and continued on. So one night I formulated a plan to make my daughter my sex toy.I poured her another drink, this one was mostly Vodka with a little bit of pop added. She was downright wasted now.“Breanne how are you feeling?

”“gooood.” She said clumsily She tried getting up but fell back down.

But over the next few days I couldn’t get the thought of my daughter’s big golden tan breasts out of my mind. The next night I decided to have a talk with my daughter about drugs and alcohol.

“Breanne I know you are a great girl but it is time I talk to you about alcohol.”“Daddy, you know I don’t drink.” She replied“I know sweetheart but the thing is that you might be at a party and get pressured to drink and you might go way over your limits.

But I thought better of it, I wanted to fuck her when she was sober.

I took her hand and stuck her finger in her pussy and took a picture of it.

I grabbed her and sat her down on my lap.“These are very naughty pictures Breanne; I think you need a spanking.”“Daddy I don’t know how these got there I promise.” She begged “please don’t spank me.”“Obviously you went to some boy’s house like a whore and had him take them. ”I bent her body over my lap and raised her dress over her waist exposing her beautiful ass cheeks. I squeezed her ass cheeks before I started spanking her.

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