Laura white dating x factor producer

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Jobless Caz is overcome with emotion after Maria reveals she’s pulled some strings to help her land an interview at local clothing factory Underworld.

But the surprise of the night was dancing double-act Chris Donnelly and Wes Clack.

“We never wanted it to come across like we’re without parents because of this. “We never wanted to come on the show with a sob story.” After all they’ve been through, the boys have definitely earned their success.

A SECRET obsession causes trouble when Caz Hammond lets her feelings for Maria Connor get the better of her on CORONATION STREET tonight.

Kyle and Joshua have been in their gran’s care since they were 18-months-old after their dad Daniel racked up over 59 offences and became a “semi-professional thief” to fund his heroin habit.

Kyle, who is dating Alien Uncovered’s FRANK ARENS, added: “Our parents were unable to look after us when we were younger and our nan lived with us since we were 10 months old.

The opening scenes, save for a disco-dancing dog, seemed a little out of kilter but stick with it - there are four stars who are worth their weight in gold.

Former Hollyoaks’ hunk James Sutton plays a blinder as Captain Hook with his ingenious selfie-stick.The pair of 27-year-olds who won Sky's Got To Dance talent show were drafted in at the last minute when Adam Hoffman, who was playing Mr Smee, had to pull out through illness.The friends, who had just a week's rehearsal, play piratical nincompoops Swash and Buckle and turn panto on its head with their stunning hip hop dance routines, watertight comedy and mop sketch.Joshua revealed: “We do still have a strong connection with them, we keep in contact and we love them dearly.The boys have now revealed they are in contact with their parents again, though still have a much stronger relationship with their nan “We would love both of them to come to the studios if we progress further in the competition. They come to shows and listen to our music.” Despite this, the boys, who also have a younger brother and a step-brother, say they view their nan Colette as their real mum and described her as the motive behind their music.THEY made a sensational return to the X Factor with a BEYONCE cover.