Updating linq to sql entities

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Updating linq to sql entities - book dating man married

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So I needed to simply update all my posts, setting ‘modified’ equal to ‘created’. Just kidding, I understand them slightly now, but only because my end implementation is still fairly simple.So as you can see, to simply delete a list of be_Posts rows, LINQ to SQL first queries all the data.The performance impact is directly based upon what your row contains (i.e.In addition to having a similar interface, it also allows you to build up your final IQueryable parameter through multiple Query Syntax queries. I know this could be written in a single Lambda expression, but I would find it easier to read and maintain as individual queries. Author == "Terry Aney" select p; var first10 = my Posts. Admittedly, the Delete Batch() extension method was pretty easy to implement.Even if they were all combined into one Query Syntax query, to me it is more readable than ‘stuffing’ it all in on one Lambda parameter. Batch updating is where I encountered all of my dilemmas.So extending on my ‘first10’ Query Syntax example variable above my update might have looked like this: Now the immediate downside you’ll notice to this, which is basically completely contradictory to O/R Mapping frameworks, is that I will get no intellisense or type checking on the Author property.

However, I accepted this because: On a bit of a side note, although it does have a purpose, at this point, I was all proud of myself.This is a perfect example of when a O/R Mapping framework issues multiple delete statements when a single ‘simple’ SQL statement could be written.So lets say I had the following code: SELECT [t0].[Post ID], [t0].[Title], [t0].[Description], [t0].[Post Content], [t0].[Date Created], [t0].[Date Modified], [t0].[Author], [t0].[Is Published], [t0].[Is Comment Enabled], [t0].[Raters], [t0].[Rating], [t0].[Slug] FROM [be_Posts] AS [t0] WHERE ([t0].[Date Created]) < @p0 -- @p0: Input Date Time -- (Size = 0; Prec = 0; Scale = 0) [3/13/2008 AM] DELETE FROM [be_Posts] WHERE [Post ID] = @p0 -- @p0: Input Unique Identifier (Size = 0; Prec = 0; Scale = 0) [] DELETE FROM [be_Posts] WHERE [Post ID] = @p0 -- @p0: Input Unique Identifier (Size = 0; Prec = 0; Scale = 0) [] -- Inidivdual DELETE statements for each row -- in the IQueryable<be_Posts> variable.In addition to this, all code snippets you’ll see were run in LINQPad, which at the moment is by far my favorite development tool that I’m using (now if they’d only get intellisense in there, I’d play with this program all day long).If I were to include a review of LINQPad, it would be but I don’t want to consume this post on that, however in case you do not know what LINQPad is, for the purpose of this article, it allows us to write LINQ to SQL statements along with any other arbitrary C# code (basically just a disclaimer that you will not see any Data Context creation/code in my samples since it is implicit in LINQPad).I went about implementing something similar to what Jeffrey envisioned and I’ll explain some of the hurdles I had to overcome to achieve it.

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