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Three years later, he was part of a ten-man team which braved avalanches and subzero temperatures to host the world's highest dinner party atop 22,205ft Mount Huascaran in Peru.Two members of the party suffered hypothermia, but Darwin was proud of his achievement.

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Although only three provided Darwin with grandchildren, subsequent generations have - not unsurprisingly - shown a marked aptitude for success, albeit not always in conventional ways.At school, she recalls being taught about Darwin's theories and says: 'I was quite young and the teacher was talking about fossils and evolution and apes, and I remember becoming quite cross.'I put up my hand and promptly informed everybody that my great-great-grandfather was actually an ape!One of her brothers, Lewis, is an art assistant on Doctor Who. Great-great-grandson Son of late Norwegian politician and UN President Edvard Hambro.He was the director of the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority in the Eighties and was also the state secretary for the Norwegian Ministry of Justice.He would not have been disappointed by his own legacy - but he might have been a little surprised...

Descendants 1 and 2: Sarah Darwin and Skandar Keynes Sarah Darwin, 44.Descendants 5 and 6: Florence Peake and Christian Hambro Florence Peake, 35.Great-great-great-granddaughter A dancer, painter and performance artist who 'creates work of an interdisciplinary nature' and 'events that inhabit the space between dance, performance and live art'.She jokes: 'I think there is a family resemblance, though I don't think he necessarily looked like me.' Skandar Keynes, 17.Great-great-great-grandson Former school friend of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe.Thankfully, his family were living proof of his theory of the 'survival of the fittest' and they overcame repeated bouts of scarlet fever.