Xm radio not updating song and artist

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From time to time, Bluetooth signals get scrambled and this causes system problems.Here are troubleshooting tips to help solve the most common problems. If there is a bad connection it’s not because your subscription ran out.

This may require a visit to your phone store or service provider.

If you have an Android-based phone (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola RAZR, HTC Evo, etc.), then go to the Bluetooth Settings and turn it on. With Android-based phones you may want to first delete Sync from your connected Bluetooth devices list.

After you do this, completely power down your device. Check it again to see that it has “cleared” Sync from the phone’s system.

Both communicate with each other using a communication technology called Bluetooth.

Both of these systems need to be reviewed to see where a connection issues are.

For reference, please visit com – this website is your on-line resource for information about Sync and other Ford technology.

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In some cases, you may want to do the complete “re-Pair” or “clean pairing” process again. Yes, it may seem like a lot of things to check, but the phone and the Sync system are computers.

Computers need to be powered down and reset or rebooted from time to ensure that everything is working properly.

Next, if the Sync system reports back “No Phone Found” then it cannot recognize your phone and it may need to be “paired” again to the Sync system.

If necessary, go to the Sync system settings and check to see which devices are “recognized.” You may need to “connect” a phone back to Sync to establish the Bluetooth connection.

Other Sync systems will show an oval Bluetooth symbol to show that it has connected to a phone.