Who hannah montana dating

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Who hannah montana dating

"You're the last person that I would want to go anywhere with," Lilly tells Miley before storming off.

The movie is about a Southern girl leading a double life.Moises Arias, who played Rico Suave in the show, is now a grimy garbage crawler that still plays teenagers.He got in trouble in 2014 for posing seductively in bed with a 13-year-old Willow Smith, which is even grosser than his dreads tbh.Basically, all you need to know about Cody Linley’s life in 2017 is the last movie he starred in was Sharknado 4.He is also an acting coach in LA and a “good guy” according to his Insta bio. Travis Brody was Miley’s Tennessean boyfriend in The Hannah Montana Movie.When Miley shows up, Lilly is cutting her out of photos. "I didn't ask because I know how much college means to you," Miley says. Miley arrives in Paris and Lilly goes back to college. Miley says she'll always get movie offers, but she only has one chance to go to college with her best friend.

Then, she asks the magic question: "Lilly, do you want to go to Paris with me? "I need to know that this friendship means as much to you as it does to me," Lilly explains. Before they board the plane, Oliver and Jesse show up. They stare into the distance during an emotional montage set to "Wherever I Go." In the show's final moments, somebody knocks on Lilly's dorm room door.

Everyone remembers Jake Ryan as Miley’s TV star boyfriend who whined a lot and revealed his real name was Leslie which just ruined everyone’s pubescent sex dreams.

He and Miley were pretty off and on, even after she told him she was a badass global pop star.

There's also a subplot involving Jackson and his girlfriend Siena.

Jackson worries Siena will always out-earn him and he'll never do anything with his life.

After some encouragement from Miley, Lilly changes her mind. Jesse spends quality time with Miley while Oliver spends quality time with Lilly.

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