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All of them seem happy to the point of being high, but who wouldn’t be, after three days of driving some of the best roads in Victoria – from Melbourne up to Daylesford, down Skenes Creek Road to the Great Ocean Road – in incredible cars, living and lunching like rock stars.

Welcome to the inaugural Lamborghini Oceania Giro (plans are already under way for another next year), a three-day celebration of how exceedingly good life is if you happen to own one of these Italian supercars. One thrilled participant tells me at the black-tie dinner on the last night that his mate had lent him one of his two Diablos to drive in the event, after deciding to leave his Aventador at home.Driving a car like the Huracan Spyder – a vehicle so supremely capable, so razor sharp, fizzing fast and yet almost easy to drive at pace – on its own along this road on a sunny day would be remarkable enough, but to spend much of that day chasing the rear end of the fire-blowing Aventador S, its rear wing waving at me in a taunting fashion, reaches beyond joy.I honestly think I had a driving orgasm at one stage, and I’m glad there were no Go Pros pointed at me, because I’m pretty sure I was making a sex face.The Aventador has a super-sporty setting called ‘Ego’, for God’s sake, and is about as at home on a tight, twisting and bouncy public road as an F1 car would be.Surviving the driving of one is, however, hugely rewarding.Tesfaye is just the 12th artist in history to score back-to-back Number Ones, a group that includes Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Taylor Swift.

His new album, has sold more than half a million copies in a couple of months, and he's preparing to launch a national arena tour in November.As I and the driver in front both leap off the throttle for the next sharp bend, both cars give a barking bang in unison, and all the hairs on my neck do a little dance of delight.This is no ordinary day’s driving, clearly, but it becomes even more incredible when we stop at some roadworks and I see another six Lamborghinis line up behind the Huracan Spyder I’m in and the Aventador S in front, which I’ve also been sharing.It is heavy, it is wide, it feels like it wants to kill you, either by crushing your lungs with its -forces, or spearing you off the road when you get too daring with it.It is hard work to drive, in almost inverse proportion to how easy the Huracan is to handle.We tried once, but my phone rang and I had to drag them out in the middle of a show we were watching and race home.