Recovering from dating a sociopath

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Recovering from dating a sociopath - validating a requirement

My marriage counselors told me I was the most abused woman they had ever met.

I am not an expert, but I recommend therapy for working through all negative relationship patterns.

Although I focused on my relationship with my first husband in this blog, whom I left when I was 22 and then reunited with at the age of 40, this was not my first relationship with a narcissist. So I have spent the past few years asking why I attract narcissistic type partners.

At first it seemed to be a cruel twist of fate or karma.

Once apart, you have a lot of cognitive dissonance—‘Oh, it wasn’t really that bad.

It’s probably all me.’ You have to put that boundary up and say not only am I not going to see this person, but I’m not going to text or call them, or have a Facebook friendship with them.

We find most young adults don’t even know about psychopaths except for serial killers, but this has nothing to do with murdering people.

So we run awareness campaigns to teach young people about how to spot manipulative partners. JM: It’s hard to say it was a blessing in disguise … I’m not grateful it happened, but I’m amazed at the outcome.

After all of this happened is when I started becoming a much more genuine person. I formed much, much healthier friendships with people who were positive, kind and caring.

It’s really about, ‘Wow, we have so much in common!

’ The red flag is when a psychopath latches on to you.

Psychopaths are constantly surrounding themselves with exes and potential mates.

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