Dating married man pregnant wife

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Dating married man pregnant wife

Two people who have found themselves crazy about each other in spite of the fact that one of them has some unfinished business to attend to, will get their situation sorted.

There’s a reason why the saying ‘best of both worlds’ exists!A lot of cheaters get off on taking risks and playing truant on their relationships.They don’t like the normality that comes with the steadiness of a relationship or the wants, needs, and expectations that arise from it, so they seek their thrills elsewhere.For those of you still asking him: 1) Make sure that when you have any discussions that they are definitive rather than being wishy-washy.A lot of the women I hear from don’t ask direct questions (they think they do though) because they are afraid of hearing bad news or pushing him too far. Better you know where you stand now than find yourself still doing the same thing and having the same conversations in the years to come – read my post on Women Who Talk & Think Too Much syndrome. In fact, you should only set a deadline if he has said that he intends on leaving.Even if he does For many of you, you’ll be in limbo land.

No matter what you suspect is the likely outcome, you’ll opt to stick with the situation and take a massive gamble.They accept that of course there will be some pain and hurt but that they want to be honest with integrity which is better than staying and cheating and pretending they have integrity.More often than not, no matter what is being said, the actions in the relationship show that the ‘Other Woman’ and the cheater are not on the same page because she’s trying to take things to the next level whilst he’s trying to maintain the status quo.8) Some relationship with this man is better than no relationship at all.This is like saying that crumbs is better than nothing because you’ve managed down your expectations into nothing and have got trapped by your own feelings.Sometimes you’re like something they’ve just to have but they haven’t really thought past winning you over to the bit where you expect them to follow through on their ardent pursuit – read my post about what you can learn about cheating and cheaters from the Tiger Woods saga.

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