Intimidating principals

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“I’ve been here for three years and I’ve never heard [of this],” the staffer said.

As born out by the EEOC’s no probable cause determination, we did not discriminate against Ms.

“As an education company, we are deeply committed to equal employment principles, and act in full compliance with employment laws.

We strenuously deny the baseless allegations in Ms.

Ammidown said she was unexpectedly fired after being with the company for 10 years.

The lawsuit states she had no documented disciplinary actions.

The 11-page civil action describes incidents of alleged discrimination at the private school off Colorado Boulevard south of CO-470.

The lawsuit claims a supervisor, Krista Bielat, told Ammidown that she would never have thought she would be married to a “white man.” The allegations, going back several years, also center on a conference attended by leadership of the private school’s parent company, Nobel Learning Communities.Five people — a mix of teachers, teaching assistants and substitute teachers — testified on Wisner's behalf.According to a letter from Wisner's attorney, the principal first was suspended on Sept.Jason Kovac (left), principal at PS 14 in the Bronx, is “more interested in appearances and vendettas than in being a team leader and educator,” according to UFT District 8 Representative Carmon Quinones. The competition is stiff, but teachers at PS 14 in Throggs Neck say their hands-down favorite is their own Jason Kovac.The Leadership Academy graduate has run the school — teachers say into the ground — since June 2008.At the conference in Las Vegas in 2013, Ammidown said Noble Learning’s senior vice president, Patricia Miller, said “I don’t think too highly of many black people.” The lawsuit claims Bielat later told Ammidown the administrator was drunk.

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