Dating antique dovetails

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Even more intriguing/frightening, they somehow arrived at a price.And continued talking with one another in their own language.

The vet says all his vital signs are good, but he seems to have lost interest in eating.I know for a fact that multiple thought patterns are totally normal for everyone reading this.Sit back for a moment and listen to what’s going on inside your head.They were given basic parameters and the two computers started going at one another.In a matter of only a few minutes the computers started talking in a coded language no one involved recognized or could figure out.To everyone else in the world, he is a hermit that associates with no one.

To me, however, he is my ever-present little office buddy who is (or was) constantly begging for head scratches and food.

First and mildly disturbing was the announcement by China that it is their national goal to become the world leaders in AI.

That one statement sounded the opening gun for the AI Race and everyone will be doubling down on something that could easily end civilization (yes, I’ve seen the Terminators too many times.) Second, and definitely something to think about, was the report that just for the fun of it, two experimenters sent up an e Bay sort of face-off where two computers were negotiating to buy something.

I’m his only social connection with the world and I take that responsibility very seriously.

He’s 12 years old, so we may lose him and I’m not good with this kind of thing. I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve somehow let him down.

I’ll bet there are so many themes in progress that it sounds like Saturday night in a neighborhood bar.

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