Dating former priest

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If our youngest son, Alexander, doesn’t get to be the priest that day, he registers his protest by stealing the sacrament (an excommunicable offense) or by simply walking around chanting in monotone, just to annoy his older brother. John Vianney Catholic Church, which also happen to be the living room of my family’s home.And this is what a married Catholic priesthood looks like.

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For my wife, it’s a vocation that simultaneously makes her proud and very often annoyed; for my children, it’s just what dad does.In Catholicism, I found a different kind of ministry, one with the burden and responsibility of both spiritual and temporal authority. John Vianney not because a vestry took a vote and decided that of all their choices of hires, I was the one they liked the most. This kind of authority was a new experience for me.What I have found, though, is that this authority is a tool to be handled carefully.I would imagine so, but don’t expect us to necessarily be the ones ready to jettison centuries of celibacy.We know, better than most, and our wives and children better than us, the struggles and difficulties of this vocation.Speaking for myself, I’m simply a man, trying to be faithful to two all-consuming vocations.

Some nights we lay our heads down knowing we’ve been more faithful to one of those vocations than the other, and most nights we know we could have been more faithful to both.(In case you’re wondering, the two-year-old didn’t make it to the potty.) This is what a married priesthood looks like.The future of priestly celibacy As the Church further contemplates the future of celibacy, will we be part of the conversation?Not a solution, not a spy Of the plethora of reactions we get to my situation, two general responses stand out. For others I meet, married priests are simply not really Catholic.For some, married priests are a panacea for every woe the Catholic Church has or could ever have. The fear of some Catholics is that we’re a kind of Protestant Trojan horse, and along with our families, we’ve brought all kinds of “not Catholic” ideas and practices to undermine generations of the Faith.There were no chalices or altar servers for Pentecostal children.