Who are the wwe divas dating in real life

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Who are the wwe divas dating in real life

She will be supporting the American Cancer Society in the exhibition.

This is why when my very committed kids ask (plead) if they can watch the E! How many times have I asked them if, say, there happen to be any Black WWE wrestlers they admire? Die-hard WWE fans of all ages are deeply invested in the twists and turns their favorite characters take in the ring both physically—and though their dialogue.

She faced Divas Champion AJ Lee in non-title bouts on the August 11 episode of Raw and August 15 episode of Smack Down.

She emerged victorious via pinfall and countout, respectively, following distractions by Paige.

I feel like a lot of [the negativity and lack of diversity] has changed and it’s great to have so many different people that come from so many different backgrounds.

Out of all of the Divas we have, there is someone for any fan that is watching. TM: Cameron and I were very close since the day we met. I like to describe our relationship as sisters because we have disagreements, we have arguments, we are together all the time 24/7, and I think it’s natural that we get under each other’s skin. (kid 1): Have you ever been bullied by the Bella Twins [the WWE "heels" who rival The Funckadactyls]?

I saw all the girls' muscles and I was so excited watching that I just started picturing myself being in there. In my head I was like, ' Man, these girls are so tough, these girls are beautiful they are strong. Ariane Andrew: Well I ran track and I always had an athletic part of me, and I just felt like there was something missing.

From there I got a tryout and I've been here ever since. I want to be like that.' EBONY.com: And what about you, Ariane? There was a Diva search back in 2011 and I went to that, and from there I did Tough Enough.

I just think being an African American Diva, it’s nice to show little girls and boys that if you put in your mind and your heart and dedication towards something, you can make anything happen. So I think that a lot of the stereotypes that have been in the past have totally been broken because everything about the WWE now is totally different now. We love each other, we hate each other but at the end of the day we have each other’s back. Like Trinity said, no matter what, you are going to have your ups and downs, your disagreements especially when you travel—and we travel all the time together. TM: We combined with Funkasaurus, which is who we valet and dance for. We wanted a dinosaur name to match his name so we ended up with The Funkadactyls. It feels great because now Trinity and I can go around and talk about how to stop bullying and to prevent it from happening through the WWE Be a Star program. TM: On TV as our characters, yes, but not in real life. They are sweet, they are funny, but on TV we are acting; we are playing a role and pretending.

I am so lucky to have her as my tag team partner because she helps me in so many ways. She has definitely made me want to push harder and train harder. (kid 1): Yeah but did you guys Brotus Clay (The Funkasaurus) or were you forced to work with him? We can talk to children about how being a bully and how watching bullying happen is not okay. (kid 1): So Naomi, do you have a finishing move because I noticed you beat one of the twins with a crossbody.

So when they had a live show in Orlando, I went and I saw it and I fell in love.

I just knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of.

There is something for everybody when you watch our shows. If you saw us within the community giving back, it’s amazing what we do and how much we put out. I think a lot of it goes back to the attitude era, the time when everything wasn’t PG.

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