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“I would have never been the first one to flirt with her. Now nearing their 10-year anniversary, they’ve been engaged for almost three.

“My start to the season was not as I wanted,” said Hamelin.

“I didn’t let it show, but deep down I was disappointed and not confident.

Marianne made me realize that just because things aren’t coming together right now, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.

It is thanks to him I reconciled my differences with Frédéric (Blackburn) after Sochi, ” St-Gelais said of her previous conflicts with the national team coach, who had succeeded her mentor Sébastien Cros.

Frédéric, tu as fait de moi une meilleure athlète mais aussi une meilleure personne.

For Valentine’s Day, we asked some Canadian Olympians to share their stories of love, from the ups and downs of dating a teammate to the importance of having a partner who understands your passion for sport.

Here, Olympic medallists Marianne St-Gelais and Charles Hamelin reveal the positive influence their relationship has had on their performances.My sport is not just to set foot on ice and win the race at all costs.” The Games one year from now will likely be the couple’s Olympic swan song.Retirement is beckoning, and with it, the hopes of starting a family.On August 25, 2014, Showcase and Anna Silk announced that Season 5 would be the final season.The original 13-episode season was extended to 16 episodes and the season split into two parts consisting of eight episodes each: the first eight episodes (Part 1) beginning on December 7 and the final eight episodes (Part 2) following in Fall 2015.She helped me make small changes like coming into competition with a lighter head.