After two weeks of dating

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After two weeks of dating

It's not crazy to want to start assessing whether to move on or really commit.

After six dates, spending time with that person becomes a considerable investment.

Sometimes, daters overlook what they perceive to be mere petty annoyances at the beginning of a new romance because they enjoy many other aspects of being with someone and want to give the relationship a chance.

“What I usually start to find annoying are things that are just part of someone’s natural personality,” says 33-year-old Jason Myer, an operations supervisor from St. “I knew it was something I didn’t like from day one.

“When we started to go out, everything was awesome.

There were a few little annoying quirks she had, but everything was so much fun when we were together that I was able to look past it.

“In an ideal relationship, you want to be sure that the person you’re with is someone looking to grow, and so if he or she hasn’t truly opened up in this amount of time, it sends all sorts of warning signals.

Think of it like a probationary period at a new job.” Lesli Doares, therapist and author of , agrees that the career metaphor is a helpful way of looking at dating and managing the stay-or-go decision: “Going out and meeting people is akin to sending out your resume. The early stages of a relationship are comparable to an internship.” Doares sees the two-month mark as “the time when people are letting out more information about themselves and seeing how good of a fit they are for the long term.of 3,058 individuals in February, the most common timetable for having the "exclusive" talk in a relationship was less than four weeks. If four weeks sounds surprisingly short, it actually isn't. It's that the dating game has changed — maybe for the better. less than a month before becoming exclusive, while 28% of respondents said it took them just one to two months.Think of how many of the Six dates might not seem like enough to build intimacy, much less prompt an exclusivity conversation.But depending how physical those dates get, they can.Plus there's that heightened levels of the bond-forming hormone oxytocin are responsible for driving those got-to-have-you early feelings of love as well as maintaining long-term connections.