Updating java in firefox

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Links to file types not handled by the Mozilla/Sea Monkey browser or e-mail attachments not handled by the Mozilla/Sea Monkey e-mail client are opened by helper applications.

The preferences are stored in the file Proxy configuration: Many corporate networks rely on SOCKS proxy servers for access to the internet.

This section of the tutorial shows how to configure the Mozilla/Sea Monkey web browser to support additional file types.

This is different than using a plug-in which allows for the file to be viewed within the browser.

See Yo Linux tutorial on YUM configuration and how to add the Fresh site to your download list which will allow you to have access to the media player applications which are not included in the base install. The Firefox browser does not accept user defined applications for mime type handling.

Firefox only accepts plug-ins and thus any additional support must be configured through the "Moz Plugger" plug-in.

To add an extension: JNLP: Java Network Launching Protocol Java applets run within the browser controlled environment but JNLP applications do not.

JNLP applications run in the same sandbox as applets, with several minor extensions like allowing them to load and save files explicitly selected by the user.Typically a Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) script is issued to be registered with the browser.These scripts are usually targeted to Microsoft Explorer or Firefox specifically.Only signed applications can be configured to have additional or even all permissions.Some benefits of JNLP include seamless version updating of internet distributed applications and greater control of memory allocation to the Java virtual machine.This page describes where to get the Mozilla Foundation browsers: Sea Monkey or Firefox plug-ins and applications for processing multi-media and special file types. One must restart the browser before plug-ins will be active.