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She and her pharaoh are also shown receiving great piles of jewels and gold from their subject people.They ruled over a civilisation of astonishing sophistication.

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Nefertiti lived during the richest period in ancient Egypt's history – from around 1370BC to 1330BC, a time when Greece, let alone Rome, was centuries away from the peaks of its magnificent civilisation.

There are also rare chunks of poetry, parables and similes in the Amarna Letters.

One striking line reads: 'For the lack of a cultivator, my field is like a woman without a husband.'Today, Thebes is Luxor, home to the Valley of the Kings, burial place of Tutankhamun and, just possibly, Queen Nefertiti.

A team from Cairo University's Faculty of Engineering and a Paris-based organization called the Heritage, Innovation and Preservation Institute used infrared thermography to measure the temperature of each of the walls of the tomb.

Scans of the north wall of King Tutankhamun's burial chamber have revealed features beneath the intricately decorated plaster (left) a researcher believes may be a hidden door, possibly to the burial chamber of Nefertiti Infrared thermography experiments may have backed up the researcher's claims, as one area of the northern wall was a different temperature than other areas, which is a potential sign of a hidden chamber.

It was like the Queen and Prince Philip deciding to up sticks from Windsor Castle tomorrow and building a new royal palace in the middle of Cumbria.

Here, too, in Amarna, images of the lovely Nefertiti abound, sporting her distinctive, tall crown.

Among the discoveries are the Amarna Letters, more than 350 tablets excavated in the late 19th century, with 99 of them now in the British Museum.

They tell the tale of a great nation with a highly developed diplomatic service.

These include the burial chamber for Queen Nefertiti, who Dr Reeves claims was the boy-kings co-regent and may even have been his mother, and new hidden storage room, as shown above He believes these chambers are behind the northerns and western walls of tomb and that one contains the remains of queen Nefertiti, the chief wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten and mother to six of his children, who is Tutankhamun's mother.

The small size of Tutankhamun's burial chamber, given his standing in the Egyptian history, has baffled experts for years and Dr Reeves' theory could suggest that it was built as an addition to an existing tomb - his mother's.

Pictured here is the interior of King Tut's tomb The search follows claims by British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves, of the University of Arizona, that high-resolution images of the tomb show 'distinct linear traces' on the walls, pointing to two unexplored chambers.

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